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On November 22, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

Sorry about the absence of my article last week, I was spending some time with my Grandfather who has been battling cancer since January and he is near the end of that fight. So thank you for the support some of you have given me. Now on to the reason why we are here college football.

courtesy of the Associated Press and ESPN

It’s been a crazy few weeks for Florida State’s star quarterback Jameis Winston who has been accused of sexually assaulting a female at Florida State.  The accusation came way back in January but the police really dropped the ball on the investigation. No one knows what really happened that night but Winston and the female student. But it seems pretty fishy to me for a few reasons:

1)      Why is this now coming to the light? I know that the media just got wind of it, but why did the investigation go from inactive to active before the story broke? Is it because ESPN believes that FSU would actually beat their precious SEC school in the Championship game?

2)      It’s he said she said right now but the only two witnesses are two FSU football players, so of course they are going to protect their teammate and leader.  So there for they are horrible witnesses. So if she said NO then it is rape!

3)      If it was at a party there would have been alcohol involved, and if that’s the case is it rape or just regret? We’ve all had questionable hook ups after a night of drinking, just cause you go to bed with a 10 and wake up next to a 2 doesn’t mean it was rape.  

NOW, I am not taking sides until he is convicted if tried, and I know rape isn’t a laughing matter unlike some idiots in the world. I know he is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but why should he be allowed to play? Coach Urban Meyer would be chastised if this was at OSU but we all saw what he did when two star players got in trouble they were suspended. So who has more integrity now? If he is benched Florida State is almost guaranteed to lose which will put Ohio State at #2 with a showdown with Alabama.

Speaking of our Buckeyes we got the Hoosiers on Saturday which should be another notch in Urban’s belt as long as the defense plays smart.  The top 2 teams basically have bye weeks with Bama playing Chattanooga, and FSU playing Idaho, why do they have cupcake games this late in the season?  And another game that will have an impact on the Buckeyes is the Baylor fake OSU game (Oklahoma State) if Baylor some how blows Ok State out they might jump Ohio State in the BCS. So let’s go Mike Gundy prove to us that you’re a man, who is over 40.


Sunday commences hate week, it’s the only time of the year I go a whole week without talking to my best friends, who made horrible decisions as children to don pee yellow shirts. I will be at the game deep in the heart of Walmart Wolverine-ville wearing my scarlet and grey, and making fat jokes about Brady Hoke. So if you plan on being at the game tweet me and we can have a beer during tailgate.