Is $46,000 Possible Cost The Reason Behind Mirror Lake Wrist Banding?

On November 25, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire


Back in December reported that they had learned through The Lantern that the upcoming year’s Mirror Lake jump could cost Ohio State upwards of $46,000.

It’s noted that the costs to clean up, repair landscaping, additional police and medical personnel availability can add up to the hefty total.

Could this be the reason Ohio State admins are putting the wrist band policy to a trial?  It’s clear that the numbers of jumpers will be much lower if the wrist band entrance is adhered to.  The short time frame for students to attain the wrist bands makes to almost impossible that everyone who wanted to jump will be able to.  According to a letter to the editor of The Lantern there would have to be 641 wristbands passed out per hour if 25,000 students received them in the amount of time the wristbands are actually available.  I think that 25,000 might be a high estimate, but even if you knocked the number in half that’d be over 300 wristbands per hour, or 5 per minute.

It’s clear the university will spend more money on gates and security and wrist bands than it normally would, and that cost is coming from the same university budget everything else comes from.  Is it less than the $46k the normal cleanup costs?  I’m not sure that’s possible.

There’s not a lot of people happy about the university’s decision to do this, but hey, there might already be a way around it…

Stay safe out there you soon-to-be filthy animals.