Heisman Chase: Rivalry Week

On November 28, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

heisman-trophy While we gear up for the _ichigan game, let’s remember that if it wasn’t for Hyde’s suspension, Miller’s injury, and the fact that no one in the national media is paying attention to Ryan Shazier’s numbers as a defender, we may well have three legitimate Buckeye claims to votes for the Heisman. Obviously more important team goals are coming up, and that shows these players’ humility in focusing on that and not their individual awards.

Ryan Shazier- 4th in the NATION in solo tackles, 3rd in the nation in tackles for loss.

Carlos Hyde- 7.7 yds per carry, 1064 yards in just over 7 games

Braxton Miller- 9th in the nation in pass efficiency despite a serious knee injury that limited his ability early



AJ McCarronAJ McCarron (ALA)

Last Game: W 49-0 vs. Chattanooga. 13/16, 171 yds, 2 TDs.

Season Stats (national rank): Pass Eff 165 (10th); 68.6% completion (9th); 218 pass yds p/g (47th); 23 Pass TD (20th); Pass Yds/Comp 12.6 (36th); Total Off YPG 218 (59th)

Chances: Great. He has been helped by the other candidates taking a nosedive, whether it was a no show in Arizona or an off the field debacle, and he is back in the race. Let’s see what happens. His completion percentage shows he is less accurate in the 4th quarter than all the others, so pay attention to how he closes this big game at Auburn.

This Week: @ Auburn, 8:00, Saturday.   


ncf_marcusmariota1_ms_300x300  Marcus Mariota (ORE)

Last Game: L 16-42 @ Arizona. 27/41, 308 yds, 2 TDs.

Season Stats (national rank): Pass Eff 171 (6th); 64.4% completion (28th); 284 pass yds p/g (15th); 27 Pass TD (10th); Pass Yds/Comp 14.9 (7th); Total Off YPG 332 (10th)

Chances: Struggling. Two picks at Arizona REALLY hurt his chances. He was the frontrunner a couple weeks ago, but now that’s hard to say. Good news is that Manziel and Winston haven’t helped themselves this week. One good thing, he has performed incredibly in the 4th quarter this year with a 240 rating as a passer. He has also performed well on his 15 4th down plays. That clutch performing may help him with votes.

This Week: vs. Oregon State, 7:00, Saturday.


 dm_130831_Johnny_Manziel_Jese_Palmer Johnny Manziel (TAMU)

Last Game: W 10-34 vs. LSU. 16/41, 224 yds, 1 TD; 54 rush yds

Season Stats (national rank): Pass Eff 174.9 (4th); 69.1% completion (7th); 321 pass yds p/g (8th); 32 Pass TD (t3rd); Pass Yds/Comp 14.4 (10th); Total Off YPG 382 (2nd)

Chances: Okay. His chances took a huge hit last week against a tough LSU defense. This was great news for Buckeye fans, who desperately want Archie to remain the only two time winner. He had two picks and a completion percentage of 39 last week. However, this is not over and Manziel is always capable of an amazing performance.

This Week: @ Mizzou, 7:45, Saturday.


 Photo Credit: CBSSports Jameis Winston (FSU)

Last Game: W 80-14 vs Idaho. 14/25, 225 yds, 4 TD

Season Stats (national rank): Pass Eff 194.5 (1st); 69.6 % completion (5th); 287 pass yds p/g (14th); 32 Pass TD (t3rd); Pass Yds/Comp 15.9 (4th); Total Off YPG 299 (19th)

Chances: The Favorite. His off the field problems are starting to snowball, even though the media has been lighter on him for rape than they were on Carlos Hyde, Terrelle Pryor and Dez Bryant for things that were nowhere near as bad. If he is cleared, he wins. And they will CREAM Florida this week. Plus he’s still first in the nation in pass efficiency.

This Week: @ Florida, 12:00, Saturday.



Bryce Petty (BAY)

Last Game: L 17-49 @ Oklahoma State. 28-48, 359 yds, 2 TD; 46 rush ydsg

Season Stats (national rank): Pass Eff 194.1 (2nd); 64.1% completion (32nd); 335 pass yds p/g (5th); 26 Pass TD (12th); Pass Yds/Comp 18.6 (1st); Total Off YPG 352 (5th)

Chances: On Life Support. Welp, that escalated quickly. Everyone had Baylor jumping the Buckeyes on Saturday afternoon, then they’re #9 all of a sudden. Petty still had a productive game, but it will be hard to come back from that loss to the Cowboys. But 26 passing TD and 1 pick is hard to ignore.

This Week: @ TCU, 3:30, Saturday.



Probably Manziel, as his 39% completion against LSU and 13 total interceptions are starting to wear on voters. Plus Petty will take some votes being from the same region.



This has to be McCarron. Everyone else had problems last week in some way or another. He went from 5th in the voting to possibly second or even first. And by the way, if Braxton Miller lights up the next two opponents on a national stage, he might be back in the media narrative.



If Winston actually is charged, then McCarron should get it. If he’s innocent, then I say it’s him. IF he’s innocent.