_ully’s _usings

On November 29, 2013 by Buckeye Empire



First off I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and I realized what I should be thankful for, never take anything for granted. Secondly, since it is TTUN Week there will be no use of the letter that falls between L and N. With only 21 hours until “The Ga_e” and I for one can’t wait. I will be at the game like I am every year when it is in that terrible city. I hope to see a lot of Scarlet and Grey in “The Big Out House.” If you are at the ga_e send at tweet to _e and we can drink a beer and heckle so_e TTUN fans. _ore on “The Ga_e” later.

So far this week in college football it looks like Florida State’s QB Ja_eis Winston isn’t the saint that the fans _ade hi_ out to be. Two new reports have co_e out, the first being a report that Winston was stealing soda from Burger King. He apparently was using ketchup cups to drink soda out of. What an idiot, a cup costs what a dollar? The next tarnish in “Saint Winston’s” reputation is that it’s been alleged that he was involved in a BB gun battle; I know this kid is 19 but is he even that old? This sounds like so_ething a 10 year old would do. When is this kid just going to be benched for e_barrassing his tea_, and school right now?

With this week being rivalry week, there are a lot of ga_es with big i_plications. The Tide vs. the Tigers for one could deter_ine who plays for the National Title. It does bring up the question if Auburn wins out would they leap the Buckeyes in the BCS? If that happens I call Bullshit on the NCAA/and the BCS.

Now more on the only ga_e that _atters this weekend, Ohio State vs. TTUN, Bo vs. Woody, Urban vs. That one fat guy. Growing up this ga_e  _eant that you could throw the records out the window both tea_s always play their best. To people who don’t know this rivalry you CAN NOT look past TTUN, they are looking to play spoiler, the Buckeyes know this and should be ready for it. Up until the end of the 4th quarter or we take a 30 point lead I’ll be nervous. So let’s hope we can _ake it a blow out early.

And to end this on the right note “Oh we don’t give a da_n for the whole state of _ichigan, the whole state of _ichigan, the whole state of _ichigan, Oh We don’t give a da_n for the whole state of _ichigan we’re fro_ OHIO!”