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On December 20, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

OB LogoA lot has happened since the end of the regular season for college football, now there are only the bowl games left. While this should be a happy time for college football fans, I happen to not feel the same. Yes, I am glad Ohio State is going to the Orange Bowl and could possibly set a record for most BCS wins and being the only team to win every single BCS game. That’s cool and all but I wanted to be playing for a National Title, this team has the talent to compete for one and will have that same talent level next year as well.

Speaking of next years talent level the Buckeyes, signed two big time recruits this week. The #1 Insideside Linebacker Raekwon McMIllan signed on Monday, and the #4 WR Johnnie Dixon committed on Tuesday. These rankings are from ESPN. Both of those two outstanding athletes will look to help bring home a national title next year.Meme

In other news this week longtime Longhorns coach Mack Brown has stepped down. This move came as no surprise to many of us because of how bad the Longhorns have been, the last few seasons. No word yet on who will replace Mack, but a school with as much tradition as Texas will lure away some big time coaches.

Now that football season is winding down and basketball is picking up, look for the Big Ten Basketball Preview from me next Friday. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!