BCS Championship “Film Room” from ESPN is Something I’d Like To See More Of [VIDEO]

On January 13, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

This was definitely my preferred way of watching the BCSCG, as there was more actual football knowledge in 5 minutes than there is an in entire normal broadcast on ESPN.  Instead of lines that translate into, “the team the scores more points will win,” there was a lot of break down of almost every play, and especially the big plays of the game.  They were the first to point out the pulled hammy on the kickoff that sparked the FSU return, and had great points all the way through about coverage mistakes and key blocks.  Obviously the presence of Spielman helps out for Buckeye fans, but Sumlin was equally as entertaining.  I’m not sure if I would want to watch a Buckeyes’ game like this, but for any game where I don’t have a vested interest in it it would be awesome.