Your Comprehensive Spring Game Bar Guide

On April 11, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire


Game day in Columbus is always a glorious event as people of all ages get to relive their college years 14 Saturdays out of the year.  The Spring Game offers us a chance to get that feeling, that excitement in the air, the anticipation of the first score, and of course that first frosty beer hitting your lips long before noon.  While pretty much any place in the campus area is a great one to grab a beer on a standard game day, the Spring Game is a little more subdued and therefore only the best bars are going to be packed with certain kinds of people.  Here’s the short list of the long stretch of Spring Game Day Drinking:

#1 Varsity Club: Similar to regular game days, if you’re going to Varsity Club you’re likely in your late 20s


or older and enjoy that type of crowd.  Most people who are at this bar will actually be attending the game, and there’s usually some sort of live music or DJ with a pretty good iPod playing tunes that are not Dubstep or Miley Cyrus.  A good place to grab some beers and schmooze with what are likely some good alumni business contacts, as well as see middle aged guys rabble rabbling at the younger female crowd.  If you’re really into watching the older crowd get rowdy, Varsity Club is always good watch.

#2 Little Bar:  The mid 20s to mid 30s crowd is guaranteed to be here and not a lot of focus will be put on actually watching the game.  Sure they have a big TV outside, but it’s nearly impossible to see from the entrance and the TVs inside are usually only doable if you can actually make it there early enough to get a seat.  Spring Game will be much less crowded, but if you’re there to drink and talk to friends more so than actually watch the game this is your spot.  Also wear clothes you don’t mind getting ink on, because the stamp they put on your hand might as well be wet paint.


#3 Toos:  Trying to get fucked up?  This is your spot.  One of the lesser known awesome bars in the Columbus area.

#4 O Patio/4 Kegs/Zigs: While on game day this is a solid choice for alumni and students alike, Spring Game usually means it’s going to mostly be students with a slight chance of former Fraternity/Sorority members who are dedicated to keeping traditions alive.  There’s still a good crowd of mid to late 20s alumns there, but if you’re any older and just looking to get a beer and chat football this is not the place.  Expect to see frat guys in tank tops and fake Ray Bans stumbling into a crowded bar top ordering tens (yes, tens) of shots by halftime.

#5 Big Bar:  This is a fairly underrated bar since its days as Paninis’.  Now equipped with a rooftop bar and patio, this is perfect if you want to get some sun, actually watch the game and not have too much of a crowd.

#6 Eddie’s:  This will be the crowd who is most likely to pay attention to the game, you just have to survive their overly annoying DJ.  Every single break in action he’ll put up some song you’re tired of hearing and try to get people to yell OH-IO.  Seriously this guy really tries to be the life of the party in an atmosphere that doesn’t care about anything besides actually hearing game commentary.  If you’re wanting to eat get there early to grab a seat because eating any of the huge portions offered here while standing is nearly impossible.

#7 Your Old College Frat House: Did you graduate? Is this homecoming or are they having an alumni event? No matter how cool you think you are stay away unless you’re invited.  Otherwise you will be that creepy old guy.  No. Stop it. You will.