In an Effort to Keep Hopes of an Undefeated Season Alive, Ohio State Cancels All Games, Schedules Michigan 12 Times

On August 19, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire


With word of Heisman candidate Braxton Miller possibly being lost for the season due to a reoccurring shoulder issue, Gene Smith has taken drastic steps to ensure Ohio State still goes undefeated this year.

Navy? NOPE. VaTech? No thanks. Kent State? HELL NO.

Instead of going through grueling games like that for 11 weeks in a row without Miller at the helm, the Buckeyes will suit up every week against the Michigan Wolverines.

When asked about this decision the athletic director stated, “Really it’s the only way to make sure we get a spot in the B1G Title Game, and then hopefully the College Football Playoff.  We can’t risk playing some of those top tier teams we had lined up, especially at the beginning of the season, when JT Barrett will be finding his way in the offensive system.”

Fake Ohio State head coach Fake Urban Meyer was asked late last night about this new schedule his untested, red-shirt QB will have to face.

Well it’ll be nice because against them we can lean on our defense a little more.  It’s nice when you have a new quarterback in there and you’re pretty confident your defense can handle your opponent pretty well.  Hopefully they can cause some turnovers and give JT a short field.  From there his athleticism will take over, and shouldn’t have an issue putting the ball in the endzone.  By the end of the 12 game stretch against them we should be beating them pretty handily, setting up a great run for the B1G Title and, hopefully, a National Title. – @FakeUrban

This seems like a pretty sound game plan in order to keep Ohio State in that title hunt, along with bringing on a new QB.  This may also be the smartest move Gene Smith has made in his entire career, so maybe everyone can stop the “Fire Gene Smith” chants for a day or two.

Either way, Ohio State with JT Barrett is head and shoulders above Michigan with that defensive lineman at QB.

Dan Spencer
Dan Spencer

Awesome! We're still gonna crush That Team Up North without Braxton!

Steven Reese
Steven Reese

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