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We were able to catch up with 2013 Ohio State Quarterback commit J.T. Barrett (Rider, Wichita Falls, TX) and talk to him about how he feels about Buckeye Nation, TTUN, and Coach Meyer. Barrett, a dual threat QB that held offers from some of the most well-known spread coaches in the country, decided to pull the trigger and commit to Urban Meyer instead of playing for RichRod or Miles.

J.T. is in the position that Braxton Miller was in before last season. Highly touted dual threat signal caller coming in to be groomed to step up behind a well regarded starter. With any amount of luck, Barrett won’t have to step in as a Freshman and lead the team through turmoil as Miller was. But you can bet that there will be a contingent of faithful J.T. fans clamoring for him to get on the field as soon as possible.

Barrett will have the chance to learn the system from the get go, a luxury that the people above him in the depth chart did not have. J.T. plans on graduating early and enrolling at OSU in January of 2013, so he’ll have that much more time to absorb the playbook and philosophy, though it doesn’t promise to be TOO far from the scheme that he excels in right now.

So settle in and join us as we share a cup of coffee with Ohio State’s future Heisman contender, J.T. Barrett.

Buckeye Empire: “J.T., you held offers from both Arizona and LSU, two programs that will surely utilize a dual threat QB like yourself. What factors led to your commitment to Ohio State instead of another program?”

J.T. Barrett: “Urban Meyer and his winning record is what did it for me. I love winning and that’s just what he does. The family environment that surrounds the program was an added bonus.”

BE: “What impressed you the most about the University, outside of the athletics component?”

J.T.: “The family atmosphere of Ohio State. Whether it’s the alumni base, the academics, or just the great fans, it’s all one big family.”

BE: “Some say that you’re undersized to play QB. How do you respond to the critics that say you’re not tall enough or big enough?”

J.T.: “Winning. Simply put, if you are winning, the critics will stop, because ultimately, that’s what matters in the end.”

BE: “You’re from Texas and a running QB. How many times do you hear the comparisons between you and Vince Young?”

J.T.: *chuckles* “A few.”

BE: “How excited are you to be entering in the same class as the likes of Ezekiel Elliott, Cam Burrows, Eli Woddard, Jalin Marshall, and Joey Bosa?”

J.T.: “For sure. Those guys that I’m coming in with are all great football players in their respected areas of the nation, and we are all eager to be bringing our talents to play for the Buckeyes.”

BE: “That class is ranked as high as 9th in the country right now, with aspirations of cracking the top 5. How are you guys bonding before you officially join the team?”

J.T.: “We stay connected through Twitter and texting. A few of us already met up in Columbus as well.”

BE: “What are your main goals at Ohio State outside of football?”

J.T.: “First and foremost, is completing my degree and graduating as well as making my mark in the classroom and on campus, not just on the field. But you’ll like seeing me on the field too, I promise.”

BE: “Where do you see yourself amongst the great dual threat QBs to come through OSU in recent memory?”

J.T.: “Well, I haven’t done anything yet, so we’ll find out.”

BE: “You have the opportunity to learn from a legendary coach in Urban Meyer. How did this affect your decision to come be a Buckeye over say, Rich Rodriguez or Les Miles?”

J.T.: “It was a major factor. I already had first hand knowledge of what Coach Meyer can accomplish from [Former Gators WR] David Nelson (also a Rider grad), so playing for him was very important in my decision.”

BE: “In one word, describe your feelings about Ohio State.”

J.T.: “Excited.”

BE: “Bonus: Just how much do you dislike That School Up North?”

J.T.: “At first? None at all. But since I committed to Ohio State, the dislike for those guys has grown on me.”


Old school thinks respect for school up north, win them all except one weekend a year,same goes for the rest of the big ten, dislike and no respect Penn state.

Grant Edgell
Grant Edgell

Sounds like a winner. Humble. And.....quickly learning to not only hate Michigan 0 but their players too. Win.


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