10 Stupid Things About Stupid Rutgers

On October 17, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire


In the famous words of the very now-famous Twitter account @FakeUrban, Rutgers is pretty stupid.  But just how stupid is Rutgers?  Well before Michigan became the laughing stock of the B1G it was clear that Rutgers preseason camp consisted of off-season scandal after off-season scandal.

10.  Mike Rice:  This dude took aggressive coaching to new heights with his antics ranging from jerking players around to launching basketballs at them during practice.  Clearly suffering from some sort of small-man-syndrome, Rice really helped the B1G celebrate the decision for Rutgers to join the conference.

9. Julie Hermann: Just last month a report surfaced that she decided to make an off-the-cuff joke about Penn State in front of staff members saying to “reach out and touch the donors, but not in a Sandusky way.”  Look Julie, leave the jokes to your men’s 5562868745_24a62065dc_zbasketball records.

8. The Scarlet Knight Mascot:  Apparently going for the broke ass version of Michigan State’s Sparty, this mascot looks like it it’s suffering from severe lock-jaw after so many cringe-worthy moments provided by university “leaders.”

7. Rutgers Men’s Basketball: Last year’s record of 12-21 makes them the Michigan Football of B1G basketball.

Rutgers Fat Guy6. Tim Pernetti: The awesome Rutgers AD before Hermann, Pernetti saw the video of Mike Rice rifling basketballs at kids’ heads and decided to just let the university sort it out through HR.  Dear Tim, maybe next time bounce a ball off your own head multiple times before you make a decision like that.

5. $2.3 Million: The estimated cost of the whole Rice/Pernetti, completely avoidable fiasco.


<— 4. This guy: Seriously man… at least Big Nut wears a shirt.



3. They started the game we all love:  Easily worse than Michigan’s self-praise of their football history, Rutgers played the first two college football games ever, both against Princeton.  As if we needed another team to talk about storied history that no one alive remembers, Rutgers could quickly become the reigning annoying historians of the B1G.

2. It’s in New Jersey:  Seriously, the only things to come out of New Jersey are guys who wear too much hair gel and girls who actually like that.

gallery_main-snooki-mug-shot-011.  Snooki: Rutgers spent more money having Snooki from ‘The Jersey Shore’ speak at the university than a Nobel Peace Prize winner.  $32,000 to be exact.  I understand that this place is in New Jersey, but I really don’t think they’re trying to attract the type of person who puts themselves on a show like that.  Unless of course they’re looking for their next Athletic Director.