The Duck Hunt Memes Have Arrived (Updates to Come)

On January 4, 2015 by BuckeyeEmpire


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Hitler Reacts to Alabama Losing to Ohio State [VIDEO]

On January 3, 2015 by BuckeyeEmpire

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A Video Trolling Tribute to Alabama Fans

On January 2, 2015 by BuckeyeEmpire

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You Don’t Need More Reasons To Hate Bama, But Here’s Some Anyway

On December 31, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

  A special thanks to @ObnoxiousAUFan for his submissions to the Bama hate! Give him a follow on Twitter. 

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Rutgers Fat Guy

10 Stupid Things About Stupid Rutgers

On October 17, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

  In the famous words of the very now-famous Twitter account @FakeUrban, Rutgers is pretty stupid.  But just how stupid is Rutgers?  Well before Michigan became the laughing stock of the B1G it...

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A Bunch of Florida Fans Lie to Themselves and Choose Will Muschamp Over Urban Meyer

On August 25, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

Pretty self explanatory. At least there’s one smart Florida fan in this video.

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embrace the hate

The Ridiculous Singing Arkansas “Super Fan” Is Back! [Hilarious Video]

On August 25, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

She’s pretty well known for her ridiculously awful reciting of songs with words added in them regarding arguably the worst team in the SEC.  This newest one is well… yah. If you’ve missed...

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Desmond Howard Ranks Michigan 6th in His Power Rankings, Checks Into Rehab

On August 21, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

  In his most recent sign of blatant substance abuse Desmond Howard has ranked the Michigan Wolverines not only in the Top 25, but in the top 10!  In ESPN’s 2014 College Football...

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In an Effort to Keep Hopes of an Undefeated Season Alive, Ohio State Cancels All Games, Schedules Michigan 12 Times

On August 19, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

With word of Heisman candidate Braxton Miller possibly being lost for the season due to a reoccurring shoulder issue, Gene Smith has taken drastic steps to ensure Ohio State still goes undefeated this...

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Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 3.23.53 AM

VIDEO: Browns Lose “Madden” Super Bowl in Most Browns Way Possible [NSFW Language]

On August 14, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

  The Browns doing Browns things in a video game.

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The New “Silent Hills” to Feature The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus

On August 13, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

  For any gamers out there this is just pure bad ass.  Did I mention they’ve made a movie out of this game before? Uh, chalk up another one also starring Reedus and...

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The Most Important White House Petition You’ll Ever Sign (hint: It involves TTUN)

On August 9, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

UPDATE: The White House has removed the petition, something about it being too hard on the eyes of future generations to be forced to see that.  Whatever…     Yep, that’s right.  Let’s...

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Drunk Supermodel Throws Better First Pitch Than Denard Robinson

On August 6, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

  Chrissy Teigen was slated to throw out the first pitch at last night’s Doger’s game and decided the best way to prepare was by downing a few cocktails.  Luckily for her alcohol...

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Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.35.22 PM

Darkside: Deadpool Movie Test Footage Officially Released (Not the leaked version)

On July 29, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

If you’re not familiar with Deadpool you may want to become so very, very quickly.  It looks like Ryan Reynolds will be reprising his role from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  I, for one, am...

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Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.20.22 PM

Florida State’s “Gotta Make It To The Top” is Proof Auto-Tune Doesn’t Work For Everyone

On July 29, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

  This is just… bad.  And no, this video will not assist in paying for crab legs.

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