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Offseason News: Man Runs First Sub 5 Minute Beer Mile

On April 28, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

  For those who don’t know, a Beer Mile is running a mile while chugging a beer to start as well as one between each lap.  That’s 4 beers and 4 laps.

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Indiana University Academics Approaching Football Skill in Wheel of Fortune

On April 14, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

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Your Comprehensive Spring Game Bar Guide

On April 11, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

  Game day in Columbus is always a glorious event as people of all ages get to relive their college years 14 Saturdays out of the year.  The Spring Game offers us a...

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Bama Fan Goes Full WWE + Mortal Kombat [VIDEO, GIFs & Jim Ross] UPDATE: WRECKING BALL EDITION

On January 3, 2014 by BuckeyeEmpire

  From the top rope! Bicycle kick! ADDITIONAL “WRECKING BALL” EDITION Jim Ross Audio has now been plugged in!

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This Florida State PSA to Students About Cold Weather is the WTF Worthy

On November 9, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire

No… clue…

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Mully’s Musings

On November 8, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

Well it’s another bye week for the Buckeyes and that sucks! Saturdays without the Buckeyes are the worst days of the week by far. Although it is nice to watch every other team...

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Chalk Talk: Geaux Trees! Sooner the Better

On November 7, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire

  Ah another week off; a time to relax, kick back and watch some football that has no real meaning for Buckeyes. NOT THIS WEEK KIDS. Bye week be damned, Buckeye fans have...

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Michigan vs. Michigan State “Highlights” (Circus Music) [VIDEO]

On November 5, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire

I could watch this all day. Also this:

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Chalk Talk: Trainwrecking Time, Go Not Michigan & Cal Loses at Life

On November 1, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire

  It’s that time of the year Buckeye fans, break out the Bayer, turn down the A/C, because it could be likely your blood is about to boil.  The Buckeyes are heading to...

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Ohio State Chalk Talk: Michigan Awful in a Bye Week, Kiffin’s Coffin & Karma Strikes Again

On September 30, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire

  Another college football weekend in the books and another win for Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes.  After coming out firing on all cylinders, and getting a huge touchdown right before the half, the Buckeyes...

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Ohio State Chalk Talk: FCS Massacre Meltdown, 2 QBs and Bucky Without Bert

On September 26, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire

  The long week between games is almost over, but of course there’s more than just the game to talk about.  The biggest news ofthe week comes from the bowels of the NCAA...

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Chalk Talk: Week 3 – California Love

On September 11, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire

I decided to go a little different this week, starting out with an Ohio State/Cal version of the first verse of “California Love.”  I recommend letting the song play past the first verse,...

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Chalk Talk: Week Two – The San Diego State We All Wish We Lived In

On September 4, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire

  Week one of college football is in the books and the only thing we’ve really learned is that Johnny Manziel is still just as big a douche if he only plays in...

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Mark May Was Arrested for DWI While Playing With The Redskins… TWICE

On July 16, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire

  This is a story straight from the Twittisphere, from Brett of  Apparently, the high and mighty Mark May, who is constantly preaching the sanctity of college athletics and denouncing anyone making bad...

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If you somehow haven’t seen it: Jeremy HIll’s Sucker Punch [VIDEO]

On July 15, 2013 by BuckeyeEmpire

  If you haven’t seen it already, this is LSU running back Jeremy Hill punching a guy in the back of the head.  Hill is still a player on LSU’s roster, has pleaded...

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