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Asa Hope… definitely a B É B

She claims to be able to throw the shit out of that ball


Asa Hope is a midwestern girl living the LA life out in California.  Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, she grew up loving the Hawkeyes (game day bibs to prove it) but has become a fan of the Empire through our random debauchery.  If you have ever watched her and I battle it out on Twitter, you know that her sense of humor fits right in around here, and that’s something we appreciate on The Dark Side.

A staunch hater of all things idiotic, her general life views are rivaled in awesomeness only by her rather quick rise up the ladder in LA.  From her multiple appearances on theCHIVE, to her film, tv, and commercial resume (The Crazies, Glee, Tenacious D music videos,  stuff like that) to her modeling gigs, she’s on a one woman mission to take over the world.  Her latest endeavor includes trying to make Swoop Magazine blow up even larger than it already has.

Here at The Empire we appreciate a work ethic that can rival that of guys with full time jobs, who come home and write a bunch of stuff it would be very possible no one reads (thanks for reading).  So anyone who can look this good, while juggling as many tasks as she does is B É B material in our book!

If you don’t read the rest of the article, because you’re stuck on this picture, I won’t take offense.




So without further ado, a quick Q&A with Miss Asa Hope herself:

Ryan Lephart: You grew up a Hawkeye, do you still make it back for games?  And do you wear your game day bibs in LA?   

Asa Hope: I go back every year for the Iowa vs. Iowa State game.  It’s usually on my birthday but they changed it recently.  Oh, of course I wear them in LA.

RL: Which part of the move to LA was the worst, the actual drive out there, or the realization of just how bad the traffic is?

AH: That’s a really big toss up.  I’ve got driving videos of miles of traffic, and I’ve got videos of miles of nothing.  Pick one.

RL: On game day, would you rather have a beer, shots, or mixed drinks?

AH: It’s game day, it’s always beer… or shots.  I have a really hard time saying no to shots.

RL: How did you learn how to throw the football as well as you claim?

AH: When I was young I used to play 500 with all my cousins.  We’d play where it would be thrown over the roof of the house.  The only way you were allowed to play is if you caught it, you would have to be able to throw it back over.  So I had to learn to launch it.

RL:  Trial by fire, sounds like life.  Speaking of burning, what’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

AH: Your face or mine. 

RL: Ouch.  Ok, what’s your best pick-up line?

AH: Sex?

RL: Yah… I can’t imagine that fails often.  Ok last one. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

AH: Umm… well… can I take you in the back room?

RL: *Motions to waitress* Check please.

At Asa’s request we are making a Pink Empire shirt.  She’ll have the first one to be produced, and we’ll hopefully have some more pictures to post along with its release.

You can say hey to Asa here.

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Embrace The Hate.



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