Daily Dark Side – Motivationally Speaking

On July 11, 2012 by BuckeyeEmpire

My birthday post from yesterday got me thinking about how motivated the people I surround myself with truly are.  Here you have a bunch of guys with full-time jobs taking their free time to write stuff for this website.  Stuff, which in reality, absolutely not a single soul could end up reading.  The stuff I write is easy, it’s an opinion on hilariousness or stupidity.  The stuff Grant, Chris, Joe, Jon, Andrew and another coming soon, write about is so well done it almost makes me feel as if I need to head back to English 101.  I’m in the presence of guys who love what they do on here, and keep people entertained to the point that our fan base is growing daily.  This project was a little dream of JR and I, and can’t believe how far it’s come with the help of a few more Buckeyes as highly motivated as we are.

If there is one thing I have learned since graduating from The Ohio State University, it’s that if you really want something to happen, you’re going to have to make it.  So many times I hear the phrases: “Everything happens for a reaon” or “Good things come to those who wait.”  Sadly, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Things happen because people make them happen, not because they’re destined to.  Have you ever seen a professional athlete who didn’t work their ass off in the gym?  Have you ever seen a doctor who didn’t have to pass all the same tests as every other doctor?  Have you ever seen a business owner that wasn’t at one point the sole employee of said business (inheritance is the exception)?  The fact of the matter is that those who truly want something go after it.  They may not always get it, but they are rarely satisfied with failing, and put in more effort than required to be mediocre.  Expressions as stated above have made us all out to believe that magically someone is going to come solve all our problems, and that waiting for that “good thing” to happen is the way to go.  I’m here to tell you those people are full of shit, and if you want something, truly want it, you’ll find a way to get it, or at least put yourself on the path closest to it.

A little over a year and a half ago, JR, myself, and three buddies got tired of handing half our money to someone else doing storm restoration sales.  We decided to take a gamble, to make our own path, and to succeed or fail on our own accord.  None of us come from money, none of us had much to fall back on, all we had was our drive to succeed.  We burnt a few bridges, lost some friends, and a lot of us now have several gray hairs or are losing it all together.  The fact is we decided as a whole that the reward was worth the risk.  After months and months of 14 hour days, shouting matches, more driving than humanly possible (my truck is two years old with 64k miles on it), we are still doing more and more of the same.  We are currently in the works of possibly opening our 4th office, and don’t plan on stopping.  Motivation comes down to one, satisfaction.

I believe the biggest part of the reasons people may fail at their goals is their ability to be satisfied with only coming close.  So few set attainable goals, “shoot for the moon” is an expression used very often out of context.  Think of it this way, when JFK decided to send a man to the moon, had we never been to space at all?  You can’t set a goal to get somewhere without making the appropriate sub-goals to assist you on your journey.  My philosophy is basically that of a ladder (fitting as I climb them all day).  Sure you want to get to the top, but if you start skipping rungs there’s a good chance you are going to fall (I’ve done that one, literally, and figuratively).  This idea can be attributed to all kinds of scenarios.

In the gym, you can’t make strides so quickly that all of the sudden you’re on the cover of Men’s or Women’s Health Magazine.  You have to set small goals in order to obtain the overall goal.  Start by setting the large one, then break it down into easier-to-obtain small ones.  Each rung will be a step up the ladder, but also a chance to verify that you’re going in the right direction.  If you aren’t hitting that smaller goal for some reason, you may need to change your approach, or change the smaller goal.  Once you have achieved that smaller goal, you are allowed a bit of celebration, but then must come back and put the next one into focus.  Once you run out of goals you should make a new one, even if that goal is to “maintain” as that is work in itself.  Personally I am on a maintaining schedule myself, I do what I can, when I can, to stay exactly as I am.  It’s more realistic than me saying I am going to go out and be a fitness model or something as I have higher goals in other areas of life at this point.

That brings me to my next step, categorizing your actual goals.  For myself, my professional goals far out-weigh any other goals in life right now.  It’s the reason my posting on here has been sporadic lately, the reason my gym time has been cut down, and the reason that since Friday I’ve driven over 1200 miles all over this great state of Ohio.  This is something that if you sit down one day, and write out exactly what you want to do in each area of your life, then rank those actual goals into which is more important, it will do a better job of keeping you focused.  “Staying on track” first implies that there must be a track.  So take half an hour (not 5 minutes, because it should be more important than that) and write out what you truly want to do with yourself.  Seeing things on paper is completely different than seeing them in your head, they’re real, in front of your face, words on paper.  If you want real motivation, ask a friend who you think is highly motivated to read them.  Then ask that same friend for a favor, ask them to ask you once a week how those goals are going.  Hell ask me to read them, and I’ll post them on here as a communal forum.  See how quickly that motivates you to go out and get it.

I have about a million ideas on this topic, and will make a part 2 at some point, but until then, stay motivated, stay focused, and stay classy Buckeye Empire.

Also this is one of my favorite motivational videos of all time, go straight to 3:00 for my favorite part.