Being A Buckeye (or Even a Wolverine)

On July 25, 2012 by BuckeyeEmpire

Given the recent chaos and shock within the college football realm, an event like this couldn’t come at a better time.  This Saturday is the ‘Birdies for Boonie’ charity golf outing.  An annual event to help a Buckeye family with the medical needs of their son with cerebral palsy.

Please read the initial article on the event here.

Before this website was even more than a place holder, I was initially approached by Chris Hunt of The Buckeye Battle Cry about possibly supporting their “Hop2TheRafters” movement, trying to get Dennis Hopson’s jersey retired by Ohio State.  That appearance went off without a hitch, and we made more than a few friends at last year’s home basketball game against Illinois.  Shortly after he tagged me in a tweet saying something along the lines of, “Maybe @BuckeyeEmpire could should up at Birdies for Boonie.”  Having no idea what this event was, I got the details and was instantly interested.  Here was an opportunity to take this random idea of having Ohio State themed Stormtroopers, and put it to good use.  Obviously I accepted the invite, as there was no way I could say no to helping out for something like this.  Having then chatted it up with Grant, our lead writer and editor here, I found out Boone was his nephew.  After a couple months Grant and Chris approached me about teaming up, and the Buckeye Empire Blog was born.

This is what being a Buckeye (or Hawkeye, or even Wolverine) is all about.  Helping each other in a time of need, making connections between each other, and doing the right thing for a fellow Buckeye.  I easily could have declined that invite, as this is my busiest time for my actual job.  I could have decided that I did not want to be in that suit in 95 degree heat.  I could have just decided it would not be worth my time.  Being a Buckeye doesn’t allow me to do that.  I took an opportunity to help a fellow Buckeye, a young gun at that, and here we are with more connections and more gratitude for that invite than I can ever express.  So maybe I’m also a little excited to drive a golf cart and hit some balls in the suit.  Helping others is something very few people take the time to think about these days, and you can have a great time doing it.  Sadly, you would never know what can come of that unless you decide to put others first.

Taking a couple minutes or hours to make a difference, even the slightest, in someone’s day could change the way others think about you.  It could change the way you think about yourself.

Beyond our appearance I have constructed another Buckeye Empire Helmet.  It is pictured above (updated picture of completed helmet added)We are auctioning this helmet at the golf outing on Saturday, but will be accepting online bids through email.  The first bid I received was for $100, and there is a lot of interest from the people attending the event.  If you wish to bid on this, you can email me at, or tweet me your bid.  It is fully wearable, although I don’t recommend trying to use if for protection from anything heavier than a nagging spouse’s words.  I have no way of holding you to this other than I will publicly denounce your ‘Buckeye Card’ for not following up, and the helmet will be going to the next highest bidder. 

***UPDATE: Bid has increased to $250***

***UPDATE 2: Bid has increased to $300***


Also, you can simply donate to the ‘Birdies for Boonie’ fund right here.

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Good efforts, I greatly look forward to future updates.


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