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On August 15, 2012 by BuckeyeEmpire


Callie Bundy is one of the up-and-coming stars in the professional fitness competition ranks.  Having just started under a year ago, she is well on her way to her pro card, and placing very high in every competition.  A fan of anything “Cal-nacular” (her very own coined term), she became a fan of The Empire because, well let’s face it, we combined Ohio State and Star Wars.  Those two things are bad ass on their own, and put together it’s one hell of a juggernaut.  Her passion for supporting up-and-comers derives straight from her own experience climbing the rungs of the fitness competition’s ever-growing ladder.  Having recently competed in Vegas at the NPC USA’s, I grabbed a quick interview, as her schedule between shows is rigorous.  Honored to have her, our second “B É BCallie Bundy:

Ryan: First and foremost, as you just got back from Vegas, besides the competitions, what is your favorite part of Vegas?

Callie Bundy: The OPTIONS & adventures. I like options & Vegas has so many AND IF you know how to ask correctly there aren’t many “NO’s”;)

R: You’ve only been competing for a year right? So far where is your favorite city you’ve competed in?

CB: Just about a year, but I’m NOT a good “favorites” picker because like I said I like options. But NYC & Vegas are both UP there:) I would have to say though Vegas had much better pool parties…:)

R: How did you decide to get into the fitness model competitions?

CB: I’m an X-Jock, I played sports my WHOLE life. In high school I played soccer, basketball & softball & I played D1 softball in college…even stayed on a year as Coach Bundy! After that I was always looking for activities that I could train for. I got into boxing for a while, but started mess up my elbow so that was out. I’m also a skier, but that’s only about half the year. Through out my life I have always known fitness  competitors, so I thought id give it a try! 

R: You’ve mentioned the “Bundy Clan” to me before, do they have a fan club set up for you yet?  And if not… can we start one?

CB: HA they do NOT they’re all busy growing & raising humans, apparently that takes up a lot of time:) 

R: What is your favorite part of competing?  And of course, your least favorite?

CB: Having something to train for period. Least favorite is after a show, if you feel like you didn’t do your best or maybe should have done better….there’s NO WHERE to put that energy. For example in softball if we were getting beat by a team…it would always start to get a little more physical. For instance if I got a chance to come in on a legal-ish break up the play on two, CLEATS UP THAT was happening. You try to run in the middle of the baseline to break up my double play on defense, Im NAILING you square in the numbers. You know that kind of “good fun” stuff;) In fitness comps there’s no where to put that “energy”…its like OK..now what, guess I’ll go get some free supplement samples from the companies in the lobby…

R: Ok, outside of all the fitness stuff, whats your favorite thing to do non-fitness related?

CB: I’m American, which loosely translates into mutt. Part o’ my mutt is Irish, Bundys like to consume adult beverages in awesome places that involve activities…most, if not all are sport related. I LOVE TAILGATES…so much to do so much going on & then a sports match…DOPE. Also again I’m a skier  & NOTHING beats APRE SKI  & a few tasty brewskis.

 R: Haha, well I doubt brewskis are on the fitness diet.  Which brings me to my next questions, what is your favorite thing to eat when you’re off your diet?

CB: Well “they” say everything in moderate right…so EVERYTHING:) Seriously…

R: I can see why you like tailgating so much, brewskis and EVERYTHING.  You were born in Ohio, currently live outside New York in CT so Im sure you have an array of favorite sports teams?

CB: Born in the Nutmeg state but lived in Ohio when I was young. So yes, LOVE the Pats & Uconn as thats my hometown. I’m pretty stoked about this dude the Uconn Football team just took on, he’s a former Team Handball (which is AWESOME) player from Denmak, but homeboy grew too big & got too physical 6’9  280 lbs!! So about 3 years ago he heard there was an American Football team in his town & he started playing. And he just arrived in Storrs, last week….regardless of how he plays out I appreciate his MOXIE for the moves he’s made this far. But I am excited to follow his adventure from Denmarks’ Team Handball to America & Storrs Connecticut to play Football at Uconn…not too many of those stories on Sportscenter:) OH and a side note big ups to Donald Brown former Uconn Running Back making headlines with QB Andrew Luck of the Colts. Also always have a special place for the Brownies;)  But outside of that I just like any good sporting events, got into the Rangers this year. Even the Kings as they have a goalie from Hamden, CT. I really like MMA & Dana’s a New Englander too so that’s awesome. 

R: Well, “an array” was obviously an understatement!  Ok so what is your most “cal-nacular” accomplishment so far?

CB: Living & working in another culture, I lived outside of Tokyo in Chiba Japan. As some of you my know it’s the home of the China Marine Lottes baseball team & at the time was coached by Bobby Valentine; who I met at of all places at an Outback Steakhouse over there…ya I know, long story:) In any event he brought me & my co-workers down to the stadium & I have to say if you’ve never seen a baseball game in Japan…PUT IT ON THE LIST. I was working as a VJ producing mobile phone video for US Market. A lot of people travel but to get the chance to LIVE & work in another country is incredible.  It was AWESOME, best job I’ve ever had hands AND feet down:) It gives you so much perspective on your own life & your country. I couldn’t believe how much more other people knew about my country than I did. 

R: That is pretty awesome for sure!  So after all your experiences so far, if you had one piece of advice for anyone, about anything, even outside of fitness, what would it be?

CB: Follow your OWN instinct period. 

Make sure to check out Callie’s website, especially her reel, as it is hilarious.