The Good, The Bad, The Michigan Cheerleaders

On October 15, 2012 by Buckeye Humor



Every Monday Personally Foul gives you their politically incorrect, inappropriate thoughts on the college football weekend.  Pay attention this week we have lots of links for you to click on.  Do it or this image of Brady Hoke will be permanently burned in your memory.

The Good:

-Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde combined for 305 rushing yards in the Buckeyes 52-49 victory over Indiana.

-Braxton Miller is listed #2 in Sports Illustrated’s Heisman watch.

-Devin Smith’s two awesome TD catches.

-“The Freak Show” coming up with another blocked punt, this time by Travis Howard, resulting in another Bradley Roby touchdown.

-We are 7-0.  Michigan is not.

-Not sure if this should go in the good, but Zach Boren stepped in and led the team with eight tackles.

-Montee Ball has fully overcome his preseason ass whooping at the hands of his fellow cheeseheads and passed Ron Dayne for most TD’s all time in the Big Ten.

-Northwestern became bowl eligible……in October.

The Bad:

-Ohio State’s defense got dominated.  It was a pathetic performance and we can’t all be lovey dovey.  It’s someone’s fault.

-Devin Smith dropping two easy touchdown catches.

-We might as well have had Stevie Wonder refereeing that Buckeye game.  How it’s possible to blow calls with instant replay is beyond us.  Speaking of that…………

-Look, that last run by Stanford running back Stepfan Taylor was a touchdown and that was a blown call by the referees.  The fact that the call was reviewed and upheld is completely bogus.  If the shoe was on the other foot and it was Notre Dame that got hosed we would never hear the end of it.



 -WVU got blown out by Texas Tech.  It was only a matter of time before those frauds got exposed and “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia” remains the only thing in the whole state worth watching.  On a side note we are extremely disappointed that half the couches on campus weren’t burnt to a crisp. To be honest the WVU fans were probably too busy taking out their frustration’s on their cousins.  







 -Hold off on playing this song in Austin.  Mack Brown might have the easiest recruiting job in the country yet his teams have been god awful since Colt McCoy left.  This year alone the Texas defense has allowed twenty-seven rushes of fifteen yards or more.

-Iacono’s firing a pizza delivery guy for making a joke to Luke Fickell’s wife about the Buckeyes subpar tackling.  You should have given that guy a raise for getting that shitty rubber cardboard with sause and cheese you call a pizza some publicity.

-Scott Torgerson (our guy) of the 97.1 The Fan tweeted, “I wish Desmond Howard would get fired or die so I can watch Gameday again.”  A joke, not a funny joke, but a joke nevertheless.  He should have tweeted that he wished Phil Simms would beat Desmond Howard’s ass off of Gameday.  That in reference to Howard’s comments years back about how bad Simms son, Matt Simms played quarterback.  Because as an analyst it’s alright to talk shit about amateur college kids but how dare someone make a joke about you especially someone who is a radio personality at your alma matter’s arch rivals most popular sports radio station.

-Kirk Herbstreit ripped Torgerson today for his comments.  If you remember, the crazy 2% of Buckeye nation drove Herbstreit to Tennessee.  For “tough football” players these guys are real pussy’s.  Remind us to send you two the newest TRAIN CD for your birthday.  In the end Torgerson is going to win.  His job is to move the meter and he has certainly done that.  Freedom of speech is great and goes both ways.

The Ugly

-There has been a lot of Buckeye on Buckeye crime regarding all of the Buckeye defense and Fickell drama along with the Torg and Herbstreit drama.  Did Rodney King get drunk, fucked up on PCP, and drown in a pool for nothing!?  Can’t we all just get along.  Here is some perspective.  We are 7-0 and Michigan isn’t.  We would say things are pretty good right now.

-Hot seats.  Joker Phillips, Derek Dooley, and Gene Chizik might be looking for other employment at the seasons end.  We would say Tim Beckman would be joining them but we guess he’ll get more than one year.

-Jerry Kill.  This is some scary stuff.  We don’t know much about his illness but for the sake of those who care about him, we hope he realizes there are things in life more important than football.

-Nothing proves that you didn’t make an inappropriate comment on the sidelines of a little league football game like running on the field and punching the referee in the face.

-A South Carolina fan was arrested at the LSU game after he mooned the LSU crowd.  We don’t think we would be going bare assed around that many angry Cock fans.  There are two things SEC fans are famous for: chanting SEC verse conference opponents and sex crimes.  Keep it classy retards.

Check this out.  Thanks for wearing a Buckeye shirt buddy.  We guess if one of your fans is going to stick his head into a bucket of piss then he might as well be a meathead.  Some questions….Why do they have a random bucket of piss?  Secondly, if he will stick his head in a bucket of piss for $450.00 then I wonder what his other number is?  If he’s being honest with himself.