Personally Foul Shots: The Good, The Bad, The Michigan Cheerleaders

On October 23, 2012 by Buckeye Humor

Every Monday (or Tuesday depending on our hangovers) Personally Foul gives you their politically incorrect, inappropriate thoughts on the college football weekend.  If you only click on one link it better be the Urban Meyer Celebration. Do it or we will assume you are one those “fans” who left the Purdue game early.

The Good:

– The Buckeyes remain undefeated and we didn’t have a heart attack.  Not a bad day.

Kenny “G-Spot” Guiton saved the day for the bucks like the morning after pill for ladies after a questionable friday night.








– All tests on XBrax360 have been negative and he has been cleared to practice.

-Chris Fields, thanks for sticking around.

– The Urban’s celebration after the overtime win.  If you did not stay for the end of the game shame on you.

– MAC football!  In case you haven’t noticed, and judging by the TV ratings you haven’t.  The MAC has 14 wins over non-conference FBS opponents with four teams (Ohio U, Toledo, N. Illinois, and Kent St) undefeated in conference play.

– Not to be outdone, Big East football! (insert same joke from above),  Two teams from this conference are undefeated.  That’s right undefeated.  Rutgers and Louisville are both 7-0 and if Cincinnati could have held up their end of the bargain last week they  would have been 6-0 and made this spot look so much better.

– The Fighting Gingers keep winning despite all the voodoo and ouija board shit we have been using.

– scUM and Wisconsin are both in the BCS top 25, while both of their coaches continue to keep Golden Corral’s all over the United States in business.

– The Iowa student’s who dressed up like Jerry Sandusky for their game verse Penn State.  Quite frankly we think the only thing wrong is that their costumes weren’t better and that Jeffrey Ross already did it.  We get that the rape jokes have gotten old but Penn State fans don’t deserve our sympathy.  If y0u think everyone should be overwhelmingly nice to Penn State then watch the video in the ugly.  While these Penn State players were not involved in the Sandusky attacks the university stood by and let that creepy fuck stay around for a decade while it was going on.  We have no sympathy for you Penn State. You deserve whatever the fans of opposing teams do.

The Bad:

– Braxton Miller leaving Ohio Stadium in an Ambulance.

-Storm Klein, we hate to beat a dead horse but he’s from Newark and we’ll do as the natives do.

– Those fake ass “Buckeye” fans who left the game early. You should all have your Buckeye card revoked.  The Urban would not approve of that behavior and neither do we.

–  West Virginia was clearly all Smoke (from the burning couches) and Mirrors.  After back to back disappearing acts we can all now forget about the mountaineers and let them go back to snorting Percocet 30’s and dating relatives.

– Sticking with WVU, Geno Smith.  He broke the NCAA record for most passes without an interception early in the game on Saturday.  He promptly threw a pick and Colby Cameron from La Tech broke his record and hour later.

– Auburn is the first team in the history of the AP Poll to go 1-6 two years after winning the National Championship.  But as Tiger fans have said, it’s worth every penny.

– The Cocks got pounded so hard Saturday and you know those scaly Gator hands have to be rough. 

– Northwestern gave up 12 points in the final 5:55 to lose to Nebraska.  It happened so fast we thought there had to be a test to take.

The Ugly:

– Braxton Miller goes down hard.

– Devon Bogard is out for the season.  If you don’t think that matters just look at what The Urban said “He’s one of my favorite guys on the team, top five guy on the team, Devan Bogard,” coach Urban Meyer said. “… If we could go out and recruit a hundred Bogards, life would be pretty good around here.”

– Nebraska fans filled Northwestern Stadium and made so much noise that near the end of the game Northwesten had to go to a silent count.

– Fuck you Mack Brown, you whiny bitch.

– ACC coastal division.  Duke, that’s right, Duke is 3-1 and in first place.

– Steve Spurrier sent out his kicker for a field goal with 7:17 left in the game down 37-8 on the Gator 12 yard line.  Really Steve?  Go back to the golf course.

-Remember this?  We have hated Penn State fans since way before they became the worst people on earth.

-Happy military appreciation week from Wyoming’s piece of shit coach