The good the bad the michigan cheerleaders

On October 31, 2012 by Buckeye Humor


Every Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday…we are fucking lazy deal with it) Personally Foul gives you their politically incorrect, inappropriate thoughts on the college football weekend.  And for God sakes don’t use the Penn State Showers.


The Good:

The Buckeyes go to 9-0 in a big way.

Braxton Millers 1 yard run.

We assume he had this scene from the Matrix in his head when he made that move.


Braxton Miller becomes the first QB in Ohio State history to rush for 1,000 yards in a season….and he has 3 games left.

Ryan Shazier changing his jersey number to honor his friend.  Classy.  Then he follows that up with a monster performance including a pick six.

Jake Stoneburner’s best game as a buckeye included a nice 72 yard TD to ice the game in “Happy Valley”

Just take a look at Braxton’s stats: 2,620 total yards of offense and 24 TD’s.  #brax4heisman

OSU defense.  They didn’t allow an offensive touchdown until 9:49 left in the games and only allowed 32 rushing yards all game.  That’s the silver bullet defense we know.

Indiana gets it first Big10 win since 2010.  Thank god for Illinois right?

Notre Dame continues to win.  We have been telling you they are for real for weeks now and no we are not pleased about it either.

Mr. Glass aka Denard Robinson gets hurt again and puts the spoon down, something Brady Hoke has never done.

Michigan loses again and hasn’t scored a touchdown in 2 straight games.

On the bright side scUM found their QB of the future with Russell Bellomy.  He replaced the (often) injured Denard Robinson and promptly went 0-11.  He finished 3-16 with 3 picks. Legen…wait for it…dary.

The Bad:

PSU’s white out reminded us more of a giant semen stain.

Another blocked punt for our coverage team….ugh.

Michigan offense gained just 44 yards in the final two plus quarters against Nebraska.

USC lost to Rich Rod’s Wildcat team.  Apparently they did not get the message that a bitchRod team can’t win big games.

“Big Game” Bob loses another big game.  We get it, the Big Game nickname is from all the losses he has accumulated in Big Games. Pathetic.

A certain fake buckeye gets local radio host “The Torg” fired over some bull shit. #lethimlive

The Ugly:

Marcus Lattimore’s injury.  If you haven’t scene it beware, it’s not pretty.

Nebraska is the ONLY Big10 team ranked in the BCS.

Kirk Ferentz is the most over paid college football coach in America.  If you are feeling really adventurous here is his actual contract from Iowa University.

Purdue loses to Minnesota.  Bye Danny Hope.  Looks like we won’t have to get used to you.

Illinois is the worst team in college football.  Terrible just fucking terrible.

Jason and Aaron