Muschamp and Florida Focus on Ohio State To Overshadow Their Failures

On July 17, 2013 by Buckeye Humor
Look in the eye, my good eye!

Look in my eye, my good eye!


Yesterday marked the beginning of the SEC media days.  It is expected that many of the journalists that attended will convert most of the information that got into coloring books for the SEC fan bases.


When it was time for Will Muschamp to talk he took some shots at Urban Meyer and The Ohio State University.  For those of you who don’t know who Muschamp is here is a brief summary.  He is the coach that took over for Florida after Urban Meyer left.  He has a three year old boy’s haircut, screams until he goes cross eyed, and has a major case of little man’s complex.  We can’t really blame him though.  He is replacing the greatest coach Florida has ever had and his local media and base write about Urban about three times as much as they write about Muschamp.


Early in the year Ohio State’s compliance office turned in Florida for a minor recruiting violating that they actually saw published in a recruiting websites article.  When asked about it Muschamp responded with this, “In both situations we were turned in by Ohio,” he continued. “We didn’t do anything wrong. The University of Florida didn’t do anything wrong. And so we appreciated our friends from Ohio making sure we’re compliant with NCAA rules.  They certainly know a little bit about that subject.”


It’s interesting that Muschamp called out Ohio State for NCAA violations considering just earlier this year he was accused by a former player of paying players.  This obviously didn’t get much press because it doesn’t further ESPN’s goals to investigate or give much publicity to cheating allegations in a conference it’s in bed with.


It’s also not the best idea to call out the former coach of your school who had A LOT more success that you have.  While at Florida Meyer won two National Championships.  At this point Muschamp’s achievements have paled in comparison to Meyer’s.  Muschamp’s teams haven’t even competed in the SEC Championship Game much less a National Title Game.  Muschamp has even complained about Meyer leaving the cupboard bare despite the fact that Meyer recruited his starting QB Jeff Driskel and last years Florida team had eight players drafted into the NFL and six more signed as undrafted free agents.  In Meyer’s last BCS game at Florida they beat Big East Champion Cincinatti 51-24.  In Muschamp’s first BCS game at Florida they got stomped by Big East Champion Louisville 34-24.


It’s time for Muschamp to quit focusing on Urban and blaming Urban for his problems.  It’s also time for the Florida media and it’s fan base to start holding him accountable.  Move on past Urban, it’s over.  He moved to his dream school.  It’s time for Florida to see if it’s MusCHAMP or MusCHUMP.

Kevin Albin
Kevin Albin

It looks like Brady Hoke's illegitimate child!!