A Gift to the SEC from Buckeye Nation: Our Favorite Bert Bielema Pics/Photoshops

On July 30, 2013 by Buckeye Humor

“I can tell you this: We at the Big Ten don’t want to be like the SEC—in any way, shape or form.” Bret Bielema said less than a year before he bolted from Wisconsin for the SEC and their eighth best team, Arkansas. Once he bolted Buckeye Nation thought that we were done with Bielema forever. Unfortunately, this turned out to be incorrect. Although we had some good memories with Bert like this interview, and the time we called him Bert to his face at the hotel in Madison the morning of the Buckeye victory in Camp Randall.


This of course was Bielema taking a shot at THE Ohio State University after JUCO offensive lineman Jermaine Eluemunor committed to Arkansas over the Buckeyes. Nothing like taking a shot at a program that he went 1-5 against and doesn’t have to worry about playing any time soon. Regardless, this commitment comes in July and gives Urban Meyer several months to flip Eluemunor is he so chooses. He probably won’t though since Ohio State just received the commitment of Demetrius Knox, arguably the best guard in the country. Knox is the fourth highly rated offensive line recruit Urban Meyer has secured with several others who list the Buckeyes as their favorite. Although it would be hilarious to see Urban flip another Bielema recruit and watch the waterworks come from the big guy.

Moving on to the reason for this post. For the most part Buckeye Nation is done with Bret Bielema, aside from his occasional idiotic tweet after he has too much wine. The Buckeyes will be playing for National Championships for the next 10 years and let’s get real, Arkansas won’t be. As a matter of fact Arkansas probably won’t be playing in any bowl games. SEC fans and bloggers, Bert is yours now. Enjoy him, he’s an idiot. We want to provide you with some of our favorite pic and photoshop memories of our glorious times with him. So without further adieu, our gift to you SEC Country.



Stupid Virgin

Butthead Bielema

Bielema Chippendale

By the way what is this? Are you a Bielemer? I Bieleme you are.