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24. 07. 2013

Michigan Recruiting Event: BBQ at the Big House Invite

We have obtained a copy of the invite to Michigan's key recruiting weekend.

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16. 07. 2013

Twinkies Go Missing in Michigan

All the Twinkies in the state of Michigan have gone missing. Authorities think they have a suspect.

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18. 06. 2013

Just Another Reason Michigan Should Be Happy They Fired Rich Rodriguez [Cowboy VIDEO]

  No idea what’s going on here…

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06. 06. 2013

Brady Hoke and Michigan Find Their Replacement for Seven Nation Army

Brady Hoke, first in the buffet line and first to replace Seven Nation Army

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03. 04. 2013
Michigan Idiot

Everyone has Their Village Idiot: Michigan Fan Tweets Recruit Offering Free Tattoo

  Obviously I don’t think anything is going to come from this, or that the kid would actually accept it, I just really find it funny. ┬áDrake Harris, a 2014 4 Star (Rivals)...

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21. 11. 2012

A Second (Fake) Interview with Michigan Football Coach Brady Hoke

On the eve of Brady Hoke's favorite day, he sits down with Personally Foul for a little Q and A.

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31. 10. 2012

The good the bad the michigan cheerleaders

Personally Foul gets you caught up on the college football week that was, we just hope the OSU players didn't use those Penn State showers.

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30. 10. 2012

Michigan’s Defense Wishes They Could Tackle Like This

Don't stumble on the field drunk at this high school football game.

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23. 10. 2012

Personally Foul Shots: The Good, The Bad, The Michigan Cheerleaders

Kenny's G-Spot, Urban's celebration after the overtime win, and Iowa students dressed up like Jerry Sandusky. Yep it's all here.

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15. 10. 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Michigan Cheerleaders

Your College Football Recap with a touch of the Dark Side.

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