Q & A With Ohio State Recruit Cornelius Elder – ATH (Nashville, TN)

On October 3, 2012 by Buckeye Empire

Cornelius Elder

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Cornelius Elder, or Corn which is his nickname, is a versatile athlete from Nashville, TN that Coach Urban Meyer has recently been in touch with.  On Monday, October 1st, Elder tweeted:

Just got off the phone with Coach Meyer!!!!
Corn Elder
.  This was a surprise for quite a few Buckeye fans for multiple reasons.

First, Elder hadn’t been heard of much in recruiting sense for OSU as of lately.  There was never a question of whether or not he was capable of playing for the Buckeyes because I think most of us agree that he would fit very well into the Buckeye’s spread-option attack.  The reason we haven’t really heard much of him is because of my second point.  He had been rumored to be interested in attending college to play basketball where he also excels.

If you watch Elder’s highlights, you’ll see that the 4* Athlete is a playmaker.  He plays safety, wide receiver, and running back and does well at all three positions.  In high school ball, athletes of this caliber often play all over the field because of their superior ability; but it takes a special athlete to be equally talented at many different positions.  Elder lays out receivers and picks-off QB’s.  He also can run passes down as well as make plays with the ball in his hands.  He’s a smooth runner and could play any of these three positions in college.

His Tweet started a rush of Buckeye fan interest as we all started to wonder where things stood between Elder and the Buckeyes.  I had the chance to catch up with him, and here’s what was said:

JM: I’ve heard that you wanted to play two sports in college.  I’ve seen your football highlights and think you fit into the Buckeyes’ spread-option style well, but what are your thoughts on the basketball program?  Do you talk to the coaches, and could you see yourself fitting into both Buckeye teams?

CE: I haven’t really talked to the coaches about playing basketball.  It’s been all about football.  I think Ohio State has a great basketball program though.


JM: Last year, we’d heard that you were leaning more toward playing basketball in college if you had to choose one sport.  Is that still true, or do you now favor football over basketball?

CE: I mean, basketball is my passion, but I’ve been talking to better schools in football; so I’m kind of leaning toward that right now.


JM: I read that you really see yourself playing a WR/RB role in college over safety.  That role seems to fit very well into the spread-option style offense that Coach Meyer and the Buckeyes are using.  Have you had a chance to watch an Ohio State game, and what are your thoughts about playing that Percy Harvin role in the Buckeye offense?

CE: Yeah, I’ve seen them play a couple of times, and yeah, I like that role in that offense.  Coach Meyer has had some great players play that position.


JM: I saw you got a chance to talk to Coach Meyer recently.  What did he have to say, and what do you think about him as a coach and person?

CE: He just said he wants me to get up there for a visit and that they don’t just want me, they need me.  I think he is a great coach, one of the best in college football, and he is a real cool person.


JM: Do you have any idea as to when you’ll get up to Columbus for a visit?  

CE: Yeah, I’m coming up for the Purdue game.


JM: Nice, that’s got potential to be a great game this year.  Alright, last question, do you have a leader right now, or what schools are most competitive for your services?

CE: Nah, I haven’t really narrowed down a list yet.  I’m gonna wait until I take a couple more visits to do that.


JM: Thanks so much for taking time to do this Q & A.  Do you have anything that you want to say to Buckeye Nation?

CE: No problem, and haha just that they are definitely in the running.


Cornelius didn’t give us a list of schools, but a little research gives us a clue as to who the Buckeyes will have to compete with for his services.  His 247Sports profile features Nebraska, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, and Miami (Fla.) in the ‘warm’ category while many other schools are ‘cool’.  Miami (Fla.) is the only school in this ‘warm’ list that hasn’t offered Elder.

Some other schools to keep in eye on, in regards to Cornelius Elder, are Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, and UCLA.

Stay tuned to Empire Recruiting for more updates on Elder and other prospects.  I’m hoping to catch up with him again around the time of his visit.  Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @EmpireJarrid

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  2. […] really heard much of him is because of my second point.  He had been rumored to be interested in attending college to play basketball where he also […]