Q&A With Buckeye Commit Kyle Berger

On July 22, 2013 by Buckeye Empire


Q: What has life been like since you made your commitment to Ohio State?

A: A lot more relaxing. The best part is not having to call a bunch of coaches or do tons of interviews and stuff like that, it’s a great feeling to already know where you’re going to college as a junior in high school. Also, it took a lot of pressure off me and now I can really just focus on my senior season.

Q: What have you been working on this offseason to make yourself a better player and leader?

A: Definitely strength was my biggest focus this offseason. I got a lot stronger and put on some good weight this offseason. Also, just working my tail off to set a good example for the younger kids and my teammates

Q: You play at prestigious school in St. Ignatius and you play for a great coach in Coach Kyle. How big of a honor is it for you to play for a school like that and a coach like that?

A: It’s truly a honor to play at St Ignatius, under Coach Kyle. Just to be a part of such a tradition rich football program is awesome. I honestly don’t even know how to describe it but it’s amazing. To be able to wear the blue and gold and represent that school and all it’s past and present alumni is more than an honor.

Q: What are some of your personal goals as well as team goals for this upcoming season?

A: First and foremost, win a state championship. That’s the most important. As well as beat our rival St Ed. For personal goals, I want to be the Ohio Defensive Player of the Year and also Mr. Ohio

Q: Being an Ohio kid, did you always dream about playing for the Buckeyes one day and running out of the Shoe on a fall Saturday?

A: I was always a Buckeye fan and never rooted against them, but I really never pictured myself playing for OSU specifically. I always knew I’d play a college sport whether it was football or basketball but never for any specific school.

Q: How are excited are you to get on campus and start competing for national titles?

A: I’m so pumped to get to OSU. Every time I visit I want to be there more and more. I’m so excited to wear the scarlet and grey and play under Coach Meyer and Coach Fickell.