Undefeated and Recruiting

On November 12, 2013 by Buckeye Empire


What does this winning streak by the Buckeyes mean to recruits and prospects throughout the country? You can say it means a lot……. a whole lot. There are  few schools that no matter their record they will bring in top talent year in and year out. Ohio State is one of those schools. Now combine what Ohio State sells as itself and winning games. That is a deadly combination. Not only are they winning games, but winning every game. No school in the country is doing what the Buckeyes football team is doing in Columbus. This is a school that plays in the Big Ten and hasn’t lost game since Joe Bauserman was on the roster . If that doesn’t sound that long ago Snapchat wasn’t even an app yet the last time the Buckeyes lost. That’s a long time, a very long time.

You better believe recruits are noticing what Head Coach Urban Meyer and the Buckeye staff are doing in Columbus. Urban has taken this program to the next level in just about every category possible. Tressel was great and a once in decade coach, but Urban is a once in a century coach. The area Meyer is way ahead of  Tressel is the recruiting. With Meyer being the coach that alone brings a lot of exposure and getting recruits to notice the magic going on in Columbus. Meyer is getting recruits attention from coast to coast. That is how you win national titles not just bringing the best kids in from the midwest, but bringing in the best kids in the country.

Combine Meyer, the tradition, fan base, facilities, and them just flat out winning every game since 2011 it is just almost unfair when it comes to recruiting. Kids are noticing and want to play for a program like Ohio State. No one wants to lose and kids are seeing that Ohio State doesn’t lose at all. That makes Ohio State that much more attractive if it isn’t already enough. Ohio State will always be able to recruit just because of their brand, but combine that with what they have going on right now and it’s scary for the rest of the country.

Look at Meyer’s past classes and you can see the improved recruiting and it will only keep improving if they keep this up.  Kids all throughout the country are noticing. Imagine what a national title will do for recruiting. Let that sink in for a moment and then think about how unfair the talent level at Ohio State can become. There are a lot of good things going on in Columbus right now and I only see the future being just as bright if not brighter.




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