The Recruiting Impact of “The Game”

On November 29, 2013 by Buckeye Empire

The _ichigan game is just as important off the field as it is on it. This game tomorrow has huge implications not just for Ohio State’s title chances on the field, but for their title chances in recruiting. A win tomorrow in that scumbag town Ann Arbor, against the Buckeye’s biggest rival would do wonders for the 2014 Buckeye recruiting class.  The magic that can be created after a dominating win, on the road, against scUM is unimaginable.

Why is it so big? The Buckeyes go head to head with TSUN a lot in recruiting.  Tons of mid west prospects take note of both programs and how they are doing. The best prospects in the mid west want to play at an elite level. The Buckeyes haven’t just been dominating for the last two years, but for the last twelve years. In those twelve years the Buckeyes have won a national title, multiple B1G championships, and multiple BCS wins. scUM……. can’t even sniff what OSU has done on the field in the last twelve years. That also translate to TSUN not competing with OSU when it comes to recruiting. Top notch athletes want win games and championships and well TSUN just can’t do that whatsoever. As stated earlier we know the Buckeyes do exactly that…… a lot. Kids take notice. They want to play for teams like OSU that win and do not want to play for teams that continually get embarrassed year after year like TSUN.

The only way TSUN can start competing with OSU is if they start going head to head with Head Coach Urban Meyer on the recruiting trail and winning recruiting battles against OSU. Urban is bringing talent to Columbus that hasn’t been seen since 2002. The only way Michigan can match that talent is going head to head with Urban in recruiting. The more pathetic performances they have against the Buckeyes the least likely scUM will even stand a chance. I see a lot more blowouts in favor of the Buckeyes in the near and far future. With more blowouts the more recruiting battles Urban will continually win over scUM.

Many recruits of both schools will be tuned in tomorrow to see this rivalry go down. With a Buckeyes win tomorrow it shows a whole region and whole country what dominance really is. Twenty-four wins in a row, 11-2 in their last 13 meetings versus the TSUN, and Urban effect in full effect. Not many schools can compete with what OSU has done in the last twelve years, let alone TSUN.