Q&A with Buckeye Offered 2015 Connecticut TE Chris Clark

On February 9, 2014 by Buckeye Empire


Q: You have the OSU visit coming up. What are you most looking forward to on your visit to Columbus?

A: Just getting an opportunity to hang out with the players and coaches. I’m also really excited to check out the facilities and just the campus in general.

Q: Are you planning on taking any other visits this spring? If so what schools?

A: Michigan, Tennessee, and UNC

Q: Who have you been in contact the most on the Buckeye staff?

A: Coach Meyer and Coach Hinton

Q: How do you like them so far?

A: Love them.

Q: What are the biggest things you’re looking at in a school? Things such as academics, early playing time, coaching staff, and NFL pedigree.

A: All the things you listed are stuff I’m looking for, but I also wanna be able to relate to the players on the team because that is who I’ll be spending basically all my time with.

Q: Do you have a list of favorites or leaders right now or are you open with everything and enjoying the recruiting process?

A: Just kind of enjoying the process I mean I do really like Ohio State, Georgia and Tennessee. Those three are sticking out right now.

Q: Have you had a chance to see how Coach Meyer uses hit tight ends and could you see yourself in OSU’s offense scheme?

A: I really could see myself in the offensive scheme at Ohio State for sure.

Q: With OSU not taking a TE in the 2014 class it makes getting an elite TE that much more important in 2015. How will that play into your decision?

A: It is defiantly important to me.

OSU TE target Chris Clark