Q&A With Upcoming Buckeye Visitor and 2015 Indiana Linebacker Josh Barajas

On February 17, 2014 by Buckeye Empire


Q: What schools have been in the most contact with you recently?

A: Illinois, Michigan, Purdue, and Michigan State.

Q: What are some schools you are planning on or wanting to visit this spring for events such as junior days?

A: I’m going down to Ohio State, Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Purdue. Really excited about those.

Q: What are you most looking forward to seeing at Ohio State?

A: I’m looking forward to watching the Buckeyes practice. And meeting Coach Meyer. And hopefully some linebackers.

Q: What you looking forward to seeing at Notre Dame?

A: Pretty much the same. I want to meet Coach Kelly and definitely see the campus.

Q: Do you have a certain timetable for your decision?

A: Not really. Just trying to soak this all in.

Q: Anything you’re trying to work on for your senior year? Anything you want to improve?

A: Definitely want to get more explosive and powerful.

Q: What should fans expect out of Josh Barajas if he decides to go to their school? What would he bring to the table on and off the field?

A: Fans should expect an intense, relentless playmaker that is a role model type of guy off the field.

Indiana LB Josh Barajas #44